4 Essentials For You, Joining Fun Run the First Time

fun run

It’s called a fun run, first and foremost. You then should have fun while you are at it.

Running is among the common ways people work out. And because it is easy to execute (no complex equipment required), it has also eventually become a popular sporting event.

Establishments usually host running events not just to promote a healthy lifestyle, but to generate income as well. And because runs are commonly tied up with charitable causes, many are tempted to join.

Ordinary individuals, even those who are not into running, are encouraged to take part. Knowing that they are able to reach out to someone in need is more than enough achievement for them. Hence the term “fun run.”

But even if you are not after winning the race, still, you need to prepare yourself for the event. Here are few safety tips to follow.


Warm up and cool down.

Depending on the category you are signing up on, it is essential that you train your mind and body. This is most especially the case if you have not been running or working out for quite some time.

Design a fitness program that which you can commit yourself into. This is so to avoid your body from feeling overwhelmed with the sudden strenuous activity. Start it off with walking. Then you can proceed to brisk walking and running afterward. Just do not force your body.

Note as well that you will need to do cool down after the fun run. Even when your legs are already tired, you cannot sit right away. Do some walking still. It is even advised that you take “recovery run.”


Consult doctor.

It pays that you talk to a doctor if this is the first time that you will be joining a fun run.

Don’t risk your health. Find out whether you are fit for such an activity. You might need to undergo a physical examination first particularly if you are under a medical condition. Give the run a go once you finally secure your physician’s consent.

Do this first things first. You don’t want to spend a lot for running gears only to find out that running is not for you.


Eat right.

Load up on carbohydrates for energy supply.

Bring as well an energy bar which you can take as snack. Observe your body however. Too much food intake may cause an upset stomach. You are racing to the finish line, remember. Not for a sudden rally at the toilet.  


Choose equipment carefully.

You don’t pick a pencil when the essay writing instruction says you should write with a pen.

You need not buy a new pair of running shoes if you do not see yourself running frequently. There has been much debate actually about finding the right type of running shoes. Comfort still tops the list. Although it helps that you coordinate with sales staff who are knowledgeable in figuring your feet type.

The rule of thumb is to test the shoe before purchasing. Stores should be able to allow you this opportunity. Brand is off the issue here. And again, never ever wear anything the first time during the race itself. This means that you should be able to use the running shoes you bought during your training.

Author Bio:

Nettie Gray finds fun runs as opportunities to bond with her college friends and siblings. She also turns to running as a stress-reliever especially when her purse can no longer afford movie tickets.