5 Celebrities Helping The Fight Against Cancer in 2016

We all know that with extraordinary wealth and notoriety comes big responsibility. It’s up to each celebrity to figure out how to best use that power and influence. Many turn to fighting cancer as their charity of choice. Sometimes it’s for personal reasons, because they know someone close to them who has gone through cancer treatments or they are approached by a cause that seems fitting to them.


Stand Up For Cancer (SU2C) gets a lot of press thanks to a variety of celebrities, as it has received over 370 million donations and counting since it was founded in 2008. Their funds primarily fund research on new treatments that help people with all forms of cancer, including lung, blood, and ovarian.

They have found that by enlisting the help of the entertainment industry, they can get everyone on board with making donations to end the struggle with this deadly disease. Here are some celebrities who have worked with this helpful organization and have dedicated significant income to being on the forefront of fighting this serious illness.

Bradley Cooper

This “Hangover” hottie is no stranger to putting his money where his mouth is. He is active with a number of charitable causes that he donates considerable amount of money to. As of 2016, he is even registered on the National Registry of Bone Marrow donors. Not only does this bring more awareness to the importance of donors, but it also promotes Delete Blood Cancer (DKMS), an organization geared toward fighting blood cancers like Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. On a personal note, Bradley lost his father to cancer in 2011 after a long, hard fight with lung cancer.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gorgeous actress, and mother of two, Gwyneth Paltrow works with a variety of cancer charities, including the American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She is also an ambassador for Saks Fifth Avenue’s breast cancer initiative. She is also concerned, and has spoken out publicly, with the radiation from cell phones and radiation being a potential cause of cancer.

Christina Applegate

After undergoing her own successful fight against breast cancer, Christina started the Right Action For Women, which promotes early breast cancer detection through preventative mammograms. Women who don’t have insurance or other resources are sometimes unable to undergo proper screenings and receive the treatment they need.

Robin Roberts

This Good Morning America host underwent her own scary battle with a rare form of cancer. This year, she is being honored by one of the biggest cancer charities in the world, the annual Dick Vitale Gala, which is being held this May. This event is part of the annual charity push by the V Foundation For Cancer Research. Robin has been generous with her time and money towards finding a cure for all forms of cancer.

Whoopi Goldberg

Academy Award winning and recent View host Whoopi Goldberg has always been active in the fight against cancer. Recently, she hosted the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s annual dinner in New York City, which helps raise funds and awareness for this often overlooked cancer. The event raised a whopping $6 million in one evening.


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