5 Tips For Online Dating

by Rachel Blais, Cheekylovers.com community manager

Online dating is a great way to get out there and meet new people. It’s fun and easy. One mistake a lot of people make when they try online dating is trying way too hard. These are some tips on how to make sure you come out on top.


1. Try Complimenting a Person on Something Non-physical
The average woman probably gets 100 comments on her profile photo even though she spent triple the amount of time giving thoughtful responses for her profile. It wont hurt to actually read a little bit about a person instead of blurting some cliché like “girl, you are beautiful”. While she may accept that compliment, she probably gets too many a day to remember you. It makes more sense to look beyond the picture. Chances are, you’ll hit a home run if you notice her favorite artist is Basquiat. If she enjoys horror films you can comment on how likely she might be to survive a zombie attack based on what you’ve read in her profile. The point is to be different than the rest of the guys out there.
2. Do Something
A person looking for casual dating will probably get scared off if they think you sit around all day—that just gives you more time to bother them in their mind. Instead of a bunch of oddly lit bathroom selfies, be sure to include photos of you our in the world enjoying life. Although your main profile photo should be just you, your albums can include you hanging out with friends (just blur their faces for privacy).
3. Don’t Bank on Their Description Alone
This is not to say that people are outright liars. It just means that most people see themselves a little differently than the rest of the world sees them. Some people who go shopping for new clothes every single weekend may consider themselves frugal because they only buy things that are on sale or marked down, while some of us may think they re addicted to the mall. Our self perception tends to be a bit unreliable, so always take these descriptions with a grain of salt. Remember also that some people have baggage from previous relationships. If her ex called her fat, (even though she could easily pass for a Victoria Secret model), she may talk about her physical features in a negative way.
4. Be Safe!
It may go without saying, but you probably shouldn’t give anyone your bank account information at any point during your online chat. Same goes for your home address and social security number. There are so many scams out there and you don’t want to ruin your credit and lose your home loan over some pretty profile picture that probably isn’t real. Even if everything checks out and you end up meeting someone in person from an online dating site, keep your wits about you. Don’t have so many drinks that you start telling everyone you love them and lose your wallet. That’s not a good look.
5. Don’t Talk Like a 14 Year Old Girl
Yes, I am talking to you. Your profile should not be bombarded with LOLs and SMHs. You are a grown up, so please type as such! In a private message, it is ok to abbreviate once in a while, but start off by putting your best foot forward. Too much text-talk is generally a sign of immaturity. You may not be looking for your soul mate, but at least respect yourself enough finish a proper sentence. This will also help you avoid any potential jail bait lurking out there.


Online dating can be casual and fun if you do it right. These 5 tips should help get you started.
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