A Balance Between Technology Use And Mental Health

Everything In Moderation

Technology can provide mental clarity, or mental obstruction; it depends on its use. For example, some people who have eye problems or other sensory difficulties can definitely benefit from the use of virtual reality. There is also a therapeutic quality to watching funny animals be themselves on YouTube.

You’ve got to be careful, though. If you spend too much time online, therapy turns into dependency, and dependency turns into addiction. People spend way too much time online, and this can slow social development cognitively and economically. If you’re not out there mixing with people, you decrease chances of making valuable connections.


A Wind-Down Routine

Sure, you can make connections online, but they’re usually not as meaningful as those made in a non-digital context. Yet on the flipside of that coin, there are often going to be times when you work for ten or twelve hours a day with no access to the internet whatever. At the end, you want to wind down a bit, and there’s no TV.

What do you do? You go online, check out some YouTube videos, or maybe even gamble a bit. For those who aren’t familiar with chance gaming, there are some surprising online casinos worth checking out that even offer casino promo codes. For example, CasinoCoupons.com is, according to the website: “Your one stop shop for casino deals.”

You can gamble without spending any money, and when your promo codes wear out, hit the light and go to bed. Of course, there are other gaming options as well; but when you can make a little bit of money with your end-of-day decompression device, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Other Technological Solutions

Technology offers other therapeutic advantages as well. The right lights can stimulate your mind through influencing circadian rhythms. The right television shows or films can stimulate your imagination, driving you to go on and do greater things. Playing through a video game is like living through a novel.

You’ve also got travel. Sometimes your mental health benefits greatly from a nice long drive down the beach, through the hills, or between the goliath trees which make up the Redwood Forests. A road trip can be just the thing to get your head straight.

Cars are high-tech these days —not all innovations concern computers! As it turns out, your car is representative of huge technological development, and vehicles get both safer and more cost-effective all the time. There are vehicles that get 30+ miles per gallon , and alternative energy options are becoming less expensive. Your trip can be technological therapy.

Getting Your Mind Off Your Troubles

What do all these technology solutions have in common? They get your mind off the difficulties of daily life, and allow you some release. When you’re stuck in a rut, it’s hard to think clearly. It’s like being ill: you’ve only been sick a day or two, but you can’t remember a time when you had any health, even though it was only recently.

Mental illness is very real, and some release involves changing the track of your mind. This can be done through supplements, it can be done through technology, it can be done through exercise—how you do it depends, really, on you.


Staying Informed

For more data on keeping your mind healthy, you may check out Corpina, located at Corpina.com; this website provides: “Daily articles about neuroscience and brain health.” Breakthroughs in this field are coming down the pipeline every day, and it is astonishing what people are learning.

A great example is neuroplasticity. Did you know you can grow brain cells, contrary to previously taught dogma? It takes around three weeks to develop a habit, during which time your brain grows new neural connections. Scientists learn more about the human brain every day, so do your homework—it could be good for your mental health.

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