Bingo Mad Countries to Visit

Around the world, there are over 100 million of bingo players. The international popularity of bingo is clear as its history dates to 600 years. Appearing in history books as ‘Giuoco del Lotto’ in the 1530s, bingo games is now globally popular. This now popular hobby was famous in many countries like Italy, France, USA, Norway, UK and Spain, for more than 50 decades. Here are some countries which are must visit ones, if you are a bingo mad!

United Kingdom

In the mid-20th century, United Kingdom welcomed bingo and it became massively popular in the 1960s. This country still consists of traditional bingo halls which are visited by many players. In today’s world, this game has evolved and is played by over three million people. Even if these games are available online, bingo halls are still popular. However there has been a drop in the numbers of people; it dropped from 600 to 400 from 2005 to 2014. In Britain, bingo used to be a game mainly played by the older people, but it is now being played mostly by youngster. UK’s is also the country where there are over 100 online bingo sites and the top bingo site is Lucky Pants Bingo. Launched in 2012, this bingo site quickly became famous, thanks to the top games it proposes. The main attraction of the site is indeed the numerous bingo rooms, but the slot games also win the hearts of many players. This top bingo site is accessible 24/7. So, if you want to hit some good wins, the right time is any time!

As for Northern Ireland, they have other laws when it comes to bingo games. However, this country boasts quite a few bingo halls, and few online bingo sites.


The world’s number two bingo nation is Romania. Ever since 1990, this country has been fan of both bingo halls and online bingo sites. This leisure form mainly gained rise after Balkan’s nation’s remarkable emergence from the repression of Ceaucescu regime. The Romanians also love bingo themed television shows like ‘Bingo Romania’. They also love playing online bingo games which are available in Romanian language.

United States of America

The home of Sin City has pivotal role to play in both the history and naming of bingo games. It is quite astonishing to see that USA does not appear in the first place in the article, but online bingo sites are now taking off in that country. In USA, bingo games are mainly played for fund-raising, at church halls or for educational purposes. They were somewhere in the shadow when it comes to online gambling. Unlike other countries which flourish the bingo industry by themselves, in USA, bingo games were the focus of charities and churches, and were played at low stakes. Many commercial bingo games are run in casinos, but that is just in the state of Nevada or Native-American-run casinos. The stakes in these casinos are higher than charity bingo, and the pot amounts do attract many players.

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