Comprehensive Health Assessment Benefits for Employers

Employees will often skip out on things like a comprehensive medical exam or executive health check up for fear of revealing things about their health they may not want to hear. Unfortunately, these are often the very employees who need an examination such as this the most. These annual medical exams are important tools for promoting your overall good health.

Cost Cutting

Some medical conditions, when left untreated, cost employers big in terms of absenteeism, stress, depression, and even presenteeism, which refers to employees attending work when unable to adequately perform their duties. These place unnecessary strain on other employees and can lead to higher costs for you. Metabolic syndrome is an excellent example of a medical condition that can have a substantial cost impact on the workplace – and team-focused corporate wellness plans that apply some pressure to employees to compete with coworkers for results.

The bottom line is that when employees show up for work health and motivated, they get more accomplished. More importantly, they drive other employees to keep up with them – effectively raising the bar for everyone. This is impossible to do in an office filled with undetected medical problems and conditions.

Improves Employee Morale

When employees who participate in an executive wellness program receive yearly medical examinations, they can see for themselves how their efforts are paying off in terms of better health and greater overall well-being. Then there are the cosmetic effects of yearly health examinations. You may not know it, but things like skin health and the shine and beauty of your hair can be greatly affected by your health.

Physicians can take this opportunity to diagnose dietary needs that may be behind lackluster appearance among employees as well as pharmaceutical help to bring out the best in skin health and beauty. People who feel like they look their best often perform accordingly so it’s a real win for the entire workplace when employees are able to achieve healthier skin, lose weight, or tone up their physiques – all of which can be addressed in these corporate wellness program visits.

Allows Physicians to Address Points of Concern

Yearly medical exams provide a litmus test for overall health and physicians can make suggestions that will improve health now, which boosts performance and engagement in the workplace. Things that might be discussed aside from potentially serious health concerns, include:

  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Use of Tobacco and/or Alcohol

Why is it important to address these conditions early on? All of these things can impact job performance and motivation in the workplace. A yearly executive health clinic visit provides the perfect forum for these concerns to be addressed and guidance to be offered to help employees get back to business in their personal lives and in the workplace. Some medical conditions can also lead to long-term workplace absences which carry their own costs for employers and that is cause for concern.

Health assessments are important. They offer a first line of defense against various illnesses and health conditions, provide a road map to follow when red flags present themselves, and can help treat and prevent conditions that may be decreasing productivity or reducing workplace morale – making your business the big winner – after the health of your employees, of course.

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