Does Eating Nuts Helps You Lose Weight

10702610266_6896782fab_oBecause of the rapid advancement in the technology and science, there are new facts coming out related fitness and health. One of the latest and perhaps the most important fact that has come to existence is that nuts can help you lose weight. Many clinical studies have already proven this fact already and various studies are working on this fact.

Researches Proving the Link between Eating Nuts and Weight Loss

One of the finest institutions named as Harvard University has done various clinical studies based on research that prove that distinct types nuts including the peanuts can prove to be a healthy diet and help women and men greatly in weight loss. In the December of year 1999, there was a study that was printed in the Clinical Nutrition Journal that highlighted the facts that the diets consisting great amount of monounsaturated fat in peanuts or peanut butter has a good effect on weight loss.

Peanuts are considered as a high protein diet in the USDA Food Guide. The fact is that peanut is a protein that is plant-based and therefore it does not contain any cholesterol elements compared to the animal-based proteins. Peanuts in fact consist of a higher ratio of unsaturated fats and this is the reason they are displayed at the bottom of the Mediterranean and Vegetarian food guides.

One more clinical test that was done in March 2004 in Florida displayed considerable and consistent weight loss benefits for all the participants. This test was a part of the “The Ram Nut Diet” program there were above 12 participants for the diet program of 90 days and above. They lost on average one pound every week and a total of 17 to 21 lbs in 4 weeks.

Reason Why Eating Nuts Help You Lose Weight

• Nuts help you increase the metabolism rate in your body. It is a fat burning food that will allow your body to use more and more energy and if you incorporate the nuts diet with muscle building or intensive aerobics, then your body will tend to burn more and more calories.

• Nuts are low in sugar and this means that reducing the sugar is possible if you take nuts in your diet. This is the reason that nuts are better compared to other diets. Walnuts particularly consist of high quantities of Omega-3-fats that majority of us need more.

• Nuts make you full and it is because they have high amount of fiber in them. When you eat nuts, you will not feel much hungry quickly and therefore you will not eat unwanted meals. It is a known fact that fiber plays a vital role in weight loss.

In addition to their effect in weight loss, nuts are even a perfect source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Their countless health benefits make them perfect health supplement. Nuts lower the risk of heart diseases. It is because nuts lower the cholesterol level in the body and it reduces the chances of any sort of heart disease occurring. The potassium that is found in the Almonds is a crucial electrolyte that is important in maintains a perfect blood pressure and the functioning of the heart.

Eating nuts will help make your teeth and bones strong. Nuts consist of Calcium and phosphorous and these two ingredients help in making the teeth and bones strong. Eating nuts will even make your skin healthy and beautiful.

To sum it all, eating nuts definitely help you lose weight and in addition to that keep you fit and healthy. Therefore, having nuts in your diet is the first thing you shall do if you want to lose in the healthiest way possible and want to stay fit and healthy for a long time.

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