How to ensure you have full comfort for your feet

When buying shoes, you need to take into account that not only do they look nice but will they feel right and the correct shoes are a key investment in regards to the state of your foot health. There are a few things you should consider to ensure you have full comfort and adequate support whilst finding the right pair of shoes that fits. What you should do first of all is look at what you already have in your own wardrobe. Focus on the shape of your feet and identify their shape. An effective way to discover the actual shape of the foot is to stand barefoot on a piece of paper and trace the shape of each foot. After doing that, take the shoe you’re considering buying and place it on top of your drawing. These two should work in tandem with each other, helping you gain a better understanding of the shape and size of your foot. By doing this, you’ll know the exact size you need thus applying the best comfort for your feet.

However it’s not as easy as that; identifying the shoe that causes pain can be rather difficult. Foot pain is caused more common for women due to the nature of their shoes. They wear shoes that apply more stress to their feet and heels than the shoes that men would wear. The shoes have narrow toes or high heels which is often where the pain will start to appear. To prevent the pain, always check to see if the toe of the shoe is narrower or shorter than your own toes because that can be an important factor if you want to reduce the pain in your feet. Premium Orthopaedic Inserts are a useful product as it treats a broad range of aches and pains which occur in the feet, legs and even the lower back. These tend to occur when repetitive strains are placed on the body, causing the tissues to become inflamed, torn or fractured. It can also help when wearing high heels as it provides a built arch which will put the feet in natural alignment and they provide further comfort for high heels. Here are some other factors that can ensure you have full comfort for your feet:

  • Wait until the afternoon to shop for shoes – feet usually expand during the day and may also swell in hot weather. So, shopping in the afternoon won’t result in buying shoes that may not fit properly.
  • Wear the same socks that you intend to wear with the shoes when you try them on.
  • Have the employee measure both of your feet – and get measured every time you buy a new shoe. If one foot is larger or wider than the other (which is common) buy a size that fits both feet.
  • Walking around in the shoe determines how it feels on. Ensure that there is enough room at the balls of the feet. Do the heels fit snugly, or do they pinch or slip off? Don’t buy shoes that you think you can ‘break in’; make sure you find the shoe that fits immediately.
  • Trust your own comfort level rather than the shoe size. If one is bigger yet feels more comfortable than a smaller shoe size, buy that one.

At the end of the day, you need to find what is most comfortable for you, regardless of the size and fit. Try on a variation of different shoes and see which fits best and doing this will guarantee the best comfort on your feet

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