Must-do exercises for strengthening your calf muscles – Get a strong calf

Step up in front of a full-length mirror and turn your back towards the mirror. Place your entire body weight on your left foot and then turn your right heel 45 degrees to the side in order to put pressure on your calf. Do you think you’re satisfied with whatever you see in the mirror? Does your calf look like someone has inserted some grapefruit inside your calf or isn’t there anything to flex?

Well, the internet has loads of articles with good quality information on almost everything under the sun but as long as it comes to information on calf training, you’ve got to learn many things from fitness experts. Majority of them will either recommend you that you’re not supposed to do too much with your calves as they’re already trained by our everyday movement or they will advise you to keep everything in a status quo manner.

Strengthening your calf – The exercises that you should do

In order to strengthen your calf muscles, you’re primarily need to target the 2 muscles which constitute the calf.

  1. The gastrocnemius muscle which plays a role in giving the calf a perfect shape
  2. The soleus, which is the longer and the flatter muscle which runs under the gastrocnemius and at the lower portion of the leg.

The best exercises for training your calf

Yes, there are few specific exercises which can be performed in order to strengthen your calves. You may wear a calf compression sleeve while performing these exercises.

  • Double-leg calf raise: Raising the calves is one of the best exercises for strengthening the calf. Such exercises usually use the weight of your body to tone and strengthen the soleus and gastrocnemius. Stand near a wall in order to get balance and place your legs hip-width apart. Press on the balls of both feet and raise your entire body upwards instead of shifting your body backward or forward.
  • Single leg calf raise: Now you can next boost the intensity of the calf raise by performing it with a single leg. This way you may even strengthen the muscle of your calves even more. Stand on one leg near a wall to get balance and bend the other leg behind you. Make sure the knee, ankle and hip are in perfect vertical alignment if you wish to protect your joints.
  • Seated calf raise: This exercise can be easily done inside your home or at the gym on some sort of calf exercise machine and you’ll be happy to know that this single exercise works well for both soleus and gastrocnemius. Sit on a sturdy chair and keep your feet straight on the floor and maintain your knees aligned over your feet. Don’t ever allow your knees to turn out and in. Then raise your heels as high as possible and keep repeating this.

Hence, if you want to strengthen your calves, make sure you do so with the help of the right exercises and under the guidance of the right trainer.

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