The Perfect Quit Smoking Plan

imagesA smoker knows that he or she will need some time to accommodate with the situation of a non-smoker. For the first days, some people prefer to do anything to forget about their addiction, while others would only want to sleep. It is a decision that belongs to any of us, but you need to be prepared to do something that makes you comfortable. Another good idea is to have an electronic cigarette around the house. If you feel the urge of smoking, you can try it. It is not like smoking a normal cigarette, but you might even like it. The symptoms of addiction are hard to treat, but the e-cigarette might be the acceptable compromise.

What else can you do?

– Announce all your friends and family that you intend to quit, and ask them to help you

– Write a list with the reasons for which you want to quit. Whenever you are tempted, just read the list and you will get over the moment easily.

– Throw away all the lighters, ashtrays and cigarettes from the house. If your partner still smokes, ask him or her to light up their cigarettes away from home, from the car, and from anything that is connected to you.

– Eat fruits and vegetables. A smoker will feel the urge to eat anything for the first days after quitting, and having vegetables and fruits around will help.

– Sport is the key. By practicing sports, you will forget about smoking for a long time. Moreover, after one hour of running in the park, the last thing on your mind is smoking!

– Quit coffee or take sleeping pills. People usually associate coffee with smoking, so when they renounce one, they tend to compensate with the other. You might need to drink many coffees throughout the day, in the lack of smokes, but in this case, you need to treat insomnia, anxiety, and other problems that come with it. Don’t neglect those problems! When you are awake at 2 AM in the morning, and you are angry because of this, one cigarette might seem like the perfect friend to help you.

– Reward yourself! Let’s suppose that you only smoke the electronic cigarette, and you were able to save 30$ a week with it. At the end of the month, buy yourself a nice present with the saved money, and you will feel like your efforts were not in vain.

Is the electronic cigarette a solution?

According to some, the electronic cigarette is not healthy, so it is practically as if we would replace one harmful habit with another. It is true; smoking the electronic cigarette is not as healthy as eating a salad, but it is surely better than smoking simple cigarettes.

The ego c electronic cigarette does only treat the addiction for nicotine, while the automatic gesture of lighting a cigarette remains. This is a true statement, but the electronic cigarette can be used anywhere. People actually like to light up the electronic device in a crowded restaurant, or when they are at work.

Medicine and therapy?

The nicotine gums and bandages are not effective. It was proven numerous times. This is because the gesture of lighting the cigarette is not replaced, and this is one of the most important things for a smoker. The electronic cigarette has the advantage of being simple to use, and it is also the perfect surrogate for smoking.

A smoker can decide on any method to quit, but whatever method he would choose, it would not hurt for him to have an electronic cigarette. It can be used as the main help for quitters, but it can also be a backup, something that is at your disposal in case your urge to smoke can’t be defeated with anything else.

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