What Are The Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

In the US alone there are over 6 million car accidents that happen. Tens of thousands are fatal and millions end up with people being injured. Car accidents cause an economic cost estimated at close to $300 billion every year.

Obviously, the car accident injuries that can appear will vary from one individual to the next and from one crash to another crash. Even so, when looking at statistics about injuries from accidents, some appear more often than others. That is what we will focus on in the following paragraphs.

Back And Head Injuries

Head injuries stand out as the most serious of all the car accident injuries. Both passengers and drivers can end up striking their heads against dashboards, windows or steering wheels. Traumatic brain injuries can appear. These range from comas and long lasting cognitive problems to milder concussions. Extensive medical treatment will normally be needed and in some cases we have long-term medical care that would be necessary to help the injured individual recover. Head injuries can potentially lead to hearing loss, vision problems and skill fractures.

The back injuries are also really common because of the same reason as with the head injuries. Spinal cord damage is particularly debilitating since it can cause nerve damage. A patient can even end up being paralyzed because of nerve damage.

Chest And Neck Injuries

Whiplash is the most known injury that appears in car accidents. Because the neck and the head are faced with sudden movements after collisions, serious neck ligament and muscle damage develops. A whiplash injury can vary from one person to the next in terms of severity and how the body is affected.

Generally speaking, when neck swelling and pain are felt, it is really important to go to the doctors. Whiplash injuries take some time to show up. If you postpone going to the doctor you can easily end up making the injury a lot worse than it initially was.

We also have serious injuries that can appear on the passenger’s chest area. Collapsed lungs and broken ribs often appear due to blunt force trauma. If you are suffering from heart problems it is easy to be faced with internal bleeding or traumatic cardiac arrest. Internal organ damage is also really common in car collisions.

Other Common Injuries

In car accidents we also often see injuries to feet, hands, legs and arms. If pedestrians are involved, foot and leg damages are very common, besides all mentioned above. If there is a motorcyclist involved in the accident, more serious injuries can appear since the vehicle is not as secure. In many cases we see ligament damage, torn ACLs, severed limbs and broken bones.

The last thing we should think about is emotional distress. It is common to end up with mental problems that lead to long term treatment necessity. For instance, PTSD can appear after being involved in a car accident, especially when there are fatalities. Always be sure that you get medical treatment when emotional distress appears since the condition can have dire long term results.

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