What Is Casual Dating?

If you tell someone that you’re casually dating, you may get an odd look or two. This could be because they think that casual sex is the same thing as casual dating. Well let me tell you, it isn’t. When people casually date, both parties simply want to get to know one another better. Usually they agree to see other people and they are nowhere close to having the “What are we?” talk. Sex may or may not play a factor into it, it all depends on the couple. As simple as it sounds, there are a few rules to have a “successful” casual dating experience.

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Be Honest With What You Want


One of the best things you could do is be honest with what you want. If you are up front about only wanting a casual dating experience, then you should definitely tell them. You don’t want to lead the other on into thinking there is a relationship in the works.


Use Casual Dating as an Excuse to Experiment


Most people usually have a specific “type” when they date. Here’s your chance to broaden your horizons and try dating different people. If you go for the athletic type, try dating the artsy person. If you normally date extroverts, try dating an introvert if you’re up for a challenge. There are millions of people out there, so there is no reason why you should limit yourself to one particular “type”.


Don’t Kiss and Tell


When you’re casually dating several people, be discrete and don’t tell person A about person B. No one likes to hear about competition, especially when it comes to someone’s attention. If you’re dating other people, sure the other person may know about it, but they don’t need to know the details. That would just be rude.


Is Sex on The Table?


If you are able to have unattached sex, then you may want to discuss where you and your partner stands on sex while seeing other people. Some people feel like it is disrespectful to sleep with more than one person at once. If both parties are in agreement that sex with other people is okay as long as protection is being used, then fine; however, if it is not something you both can agree on, you should respect the other’s decision and refrain from sex until you both are on the same page.


Go Out On Fun Dates


The whole point of casually dating is to actually go out on fun dates. Use this time to experience new things! If you’ve never been sailing but your date has, plan a date on the boat. This is even better if your date actually has a boat. There are so many fun and unique dating ideas that you could do. Keep the romantic dates for when things start to get serious though. You don’t want there to be any confusion about where things are going.


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