Why It’s Important to Use Experienced Injury Lawyers

Getting hurt in an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault is no fun and not only do you need to ensure that you seek to get yourself better as soon as possible, you should also be looking to hire a specialist lawyer in order to get your just rewards for the injury sustained. Aside from the physical injury which you have sustained, there will be a deep sense of injustice that you will feel as the result of someone not doing their job properly which has lead to your injury.

In order to get some sense of justice back, you can seek legal action and in order to give yourself the best chance of winning, it will be important that you use a team like Fisher & Talwar, experienced injury lawyers who will represent you and ensure that you are successful. Here are just a few reasons why you should be using an experienced injury lawyer.

Honesty From The Outset

Using an experienced injury lawyer will mean that you don’t have to waste any time if you don’t have a substantial claim. Your lawyer will review your claim straight away and give you an indication of whether you have legal grounds or not, experienced injury lawyers will not take on a claim if they do not feel as though it is winnable.

No Win, No Fee

Any injury lawyer worth their salt will not charge you any fees if they do not win your case. This mean that pursuing action against the person or company whom you feel has wronged you will not cost you a cent, unless you are victorious in your claim.


As a result of your injury you are bound to feel a sense of anger, frustration and impatience, these emotions do not put you in the best position to think clearly. Hiring an experienced attorney will be able to add objectivity to your situation and help you to see what path you should be taking and what kind of things you should be saying. For example, when you begin your claim, you may be offered a payout, a token gesture to keep the case out of the courts, if you are not thinking clearly then you could well be tempted to take such an offer. Unfortunately these offers are usually around 50% less than the amount that you are likely to win at the end of the case, you attorney can help you to see the bigger picture.


The clue is really in the title when it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer, hiring someone with experience gives you the benefit of their years in the courtroom winning cases. An experienced professional has a very better chance of winning your case and they will have employed the same successful strategy over the years that they will be using for your case. Attorney’s who know this side of the law inside out are the best people that you could possibly hire in order to win your case and gain the sense of justice that you are looking for.

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