Your secret to a balanced body – Reasons why women should opt for Pilates classes

You might feel intimidating to know about pilates but this is an extremely accessible way of building strength to your muscles for gaining better posture, flexibility and of course balance. Pilates for beginners might sound like an oxymoron but it is not actually so. It is a wrong notion that pilates is only for the fitness freaks. Pilates is actually a way of building strength to your muscles and gaining improved balance. In case you’re considering Pilates class for beginners, you should know a few things before you head towards the gym. Read on to know the reasons behind women embracing pilates classes.

  • It has got an amazing effect on your abs: Pilates, as mentioned earlier, hits your core, unlike any other workout that you may try. In fact, if you can complete a Pilates training class for 36 weeks, you can automatically strengthen your rectus abdomonis or the muscle which is responsible for creating the 6-packs by about 22%. You can even eliminate any kind of muscle imbalances between the right and left sides of your cores, as per studies by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study.
  • It can eliminate backache: Stronger core muscles will be equivalent to a better back, as per a master instructor of a gym. This is why women who are suffering from chronic back pain practice Pilates for just a month and experience increased relief than those who have set an appointment with their specialists and physicians. By stabilizing the lower-back region, Pilates can alleviate stress and increase mobility.
  • It eases off your joints: The slow and controlled movements of pilates puts minimum impact on your joints and hence this can ease off your joints. If you’re someone who’s using the Pilates reformer, the padding on the reformer is as thick as 10 yoga mats. Hence the pressure is entirely taken off your knees and back.
  • It sharpens your focus: When you practice pilates for a few week, you tend to start focusing your breath, on your body and how your body and your breath moves together. This entire thing takes a lot of concentration and you can’t zone out once you start focusing on this exercise. This will force you to forget about your work, boyfriend, bills and any other drama for about an hour.
  • It enhances the experience of sex: The pilates instructors will ask you to lift your pelvic floor and this will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and thereby improve the pleasure in your bedroom. You can possibly get better orgasms while you practice pilates and it can have an amazing benefit for sex. For the out-of-the-world experience while having sex, you need to have strong pelvic floor muscles and this can even make pushing out baby much easier.

Hence, if you’re a woman who has only heard of Pilate’s classes, you can join the Pilates classes in Melbourne CBD and start reaping the above mentioned benefits.

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