From Lernagog to Minnesota and back

22 July 2018

By Tatevik Oganessian

2 min read

Meet Nareh Galstyan from Lernagog. This 17-year-old girl is just back from Minnesota where she spent a year at a high school and lived in a host family, in the framework of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program.

In Armenia, she was the head of the school council and an active soccer player. When COAF started its projects in her village she was happily involved in most of them. Here is what she tells about her experience in the USA and her involvement with COAF.

“I remember me when I was probably 12 years old. Listening to someone who speaks English and understanding him was a dream for me. I would always think that it’s a super power to be able to communicate in English. Then I got to be a part of the COAF and US Embassy English Access Microscholarship program, which gave me the “super power” to speak English and be a leader. After completing the program, I decided to apply for the FLEX program and got in. That one year in the US gave me a lot. It made me face my fears and overcome them on my own, being away from my family. It gave me the best friends I could ever ask for. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Now I know that all that matters is the hard work that you’re doing. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have special talents… If you’re someone who wants to change something you can reach your goals for sure.”

When Nareh returned to Armenia this summer, her English was so fluent that she easily passed her exams and got admitted to the Yerevan Linguistic University.