Christina Avagyan, living life in color

27 December 2022

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

She has brightly colored hair, and equally brightly colored and tasteful clothes. Unusual earrings and a bright smile complement her character. Meet one of the SMART Center’s most vibrant members – drawing instructor Christina Avagyan.

Christina arrived at Lori’s SMART Center straight from Armavir. She worked for COAF’s art program in the villages there.

“I am convinced that the best way to discover Armenia is to live and work in every province. Getting a job at SMART was a great opportunity to settle in Lori, to be inspired by the nature here, to create and teach,” she says.

The picturesque environment is a huge plus for Christina, but her amazing students are the reason she stays at SMART.


Christina dreams of the day she can ride her bike to work, but lives too far from the Center to be able to do that. Instead she rides her bike at the SMART Center during breaktime.


New places bring new interests. Christina is learning how to play chess, but she can’t pull off a serious face yet.


Christina starts to paint early in the morning, when the room is filled with the sun’s warmth and light.


The ukulele is Christina’s favorite “toy” and it’s very convenient to travel with.


Sometimes they don’t notice the class has ended, because they’re so deep into painting.


Christina uses all her free time to paint.


A little technical guidance and the canvas will be near completion.


A creative mess.