Dsegh: our proud village in the cloudy mountains

6 September 2022

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

Situated at the edge of Lori gorge, and surrounded by boundless fields where horses run freely, is the village of Dsegh. Welcome to the hometown of Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan.

The village and the stone statues of the heroes of Tumanyan’s fairy tales welcome all visitors. They remind us of all of Tumanyan’s lines that we know by heart from school.

The poet’s spirit is everywhere, and it should come as no surprise that every one in two residents turns out to be a distant or close relative of the writer.

Let’s go around Dsegh! Up the mountains, down the fields, through some narrow streets, and visit some houses to chat with the people. 


One of the greatest joys of summer is being able to play in the playground for hours.


A bunch of bright smiles from Dsegh.


Dirt path cycling level – God.


With remote monitoring there’s no need to stay by the flock every second.


Gathering the haystacks and officially closing haymaking season.

Herding the flock from mountain to mountain for green, fresh grass.


The best vehicle for mountaineers.


Don’t be too quick to turn down “batat” (sunflower in local dialect) in the villages of Lori. You’re actually being offered newly sprouted sunflowers.


After being displaced from Dadivank village (Artsakh) during the 44-Day War, the Danielyans settled in Dsegh village with the support of COAF.


Cheerful voices coming from the backyards usually mean that the women are either willowing wool or washing carpets.


Horses can roam freely here.


It’s as if Tumanyan never even left this place.