Eric and Irina Mkhitaryan: inseparable friends

9 February 2022

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

It’s hard to imagine and meet these two separately. They only study in different classes at school, then spend the rest of the day together. They study together, ride a self-propelled scooter or roller skate and play with newborn puppies. They both have a “disarming” smile and don’t need a special occasion to paint. 

Irina and Eric are brother and sister from the Getashen community of the Armavir region. They are one of the first participants of the COAF Drawing program. 

“I don’t even remember how we found out and registered for the program, but I like painting very much,” the 9-year-old girl confesses.

However, the Mkhitaryans’ interests are not limited to painting. 10-year-old Eric, for example, wants to learn to play the piano, and Irina wants to dance.


Irina is playing with one of the newborn puppies.


Sister and brother do almost everything together, including homework.


The Mkhitaryans’’ imagination knows no limits. Every day they make something new with a lego or invent a game.


16 children participate in COAF’s Drawing Program in Getashen.


Irina discusses the angles of the human face with her instructor.


Drawing Program instructor Kristina Avagyan says that Eric lives and creates in his own unique world.


As soon as Irina starts painting, she immediately concentrates and gets serious.


Painting class in Getashen.