The happy train of Hatsik village

28 November 2022

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

“Stand clear of the closing doors, please. This choo-choo train is headed for the Child Development Corner.” A line-up of little learners moves from the waiting room of the Child and Family Center in Hatsik Village to the Child Development Corner.

Seventy five kids, aged 3-6, attend the Center from the Hatsik, Myasnikyan and Khanjyan communities of Armavir province. The Center’s coordinator, Ms. Haykuhi Piloyan, tells us that the Child Development Corner is to expand with the addition of 50 more children from the communities of Noravan and Lukashin. 

“Hatsik’s Child and Family Center, which includes the Child Development Corner, is intended to serve six villages of Armavir Province. The reinforcements from Noravan and Lukashin are in progress, and in the next phase, we’ll be welcoming 3-6 year old children from the Baghramyan and Khanjyan communities,” says Ms. Piloyan.

The whistle blows, and the train of kids gets ready to move again. Follow along! Let’s walk around the Center together.


This trio is one of the veterans of the Child Development Corner.


Recess is a time for fun!


“So, the rules for the next game are…”


Time for some indoor gardening. The kids are learning the names of vegetables, and about where and how they grow.

Vana is a volunteer who helps with the kids. Here she is loading the trunk of a car with Vagharshak.


Chef Andranik is responsible for the Salad of the Day. These kinds of games teach children that vegetables need to be thoroughly washed under running water before eating.


Nothing beats the ball pit. There’s no better feeling than diving into the pool of soft toys.


Developing fine motor skills with instructor Ani.


Completing the final checks before takeoff.


Watching the teacher act out The Grandfather and The Turnip (fairy tale). The kids will reenact the play afterwards.


Waiting to pick up the kids.