The Makinyans, a family of musicians

9 December 2022

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

Fifteen-year-old Lilia is a pianist. She is obsessed with Mandarin ​​and likes to take photos of clouds. Twelve-year-old Zhora is a cellist. He prefers to cook and play virtual football. Real football isn’t an option for him, since he is a musician and needs to protect his hands. Two things unite the siblings: SMART and music.

“I’d like to tour different countries with Lilia, but she has chosen a different profession,” says Zhora regretfully. Lilia consoles her brother, saying that she’d gladly travel with him as his personal translator. They smile and agree.

The Makinyan siblings from Alaverdi have already completed seven SMART programs, and just recently enrolled in the same drawing group for the first time. We think you need to meet this talented duo.


Zhora loves to experiment in the kitchen, but he’ll cook “plech” (ash-roasted potatoes) any day.


When she has to choose between piano and Chinese, Lilia prefers the latter.


Even the high probability of defeat doesn’t stop Lilia from challenging her brother from time to time.


Zhora is the only student in the cello class of the Alaverdi Music School.


They’ve even cultivated a neat vegetable garden and grown beautiful flowers at their house.


Zhora has a whole theory on how to get to the topmost branch of a tree and not fall like a ripened fruit.


“Peekaboo! What are you thinking of painting for the next assignment?”


Drawing still life is tricky and demands concentration.


Drawing instructor Christina explains the principle of combining light and shadow in painting.