Mariam Sargsyan: lost in art

28 Jun 2022

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

Her day starts and ends with painting, and her favorite “motives” are birds. Mariam Sargsyan, a 17-year-old COAF beneficiary from Arevatsag village, has decided to become an artist.

Until recently, she managed to attend a Wikipedia club and Robotics in parallel to drawing, participating in COAF’s Aflatoun and English Access programs. As soon as the SMART Center opened its doors, she became one of the first students to attend.

“The main reasons I started attending the SMART Center were COAF’s Drawing and Digital Drawing programs. So far, I have managed to attend five programs: Digital Drawing, Chinese classes, Programming, AgriTech, Vocals, and Finance,” says Mariam, noting with regret that she hasn’t yet been able to participate in the Drawing program.

She dreams of having a small house in the forest, where there will be a studio and many pets.


English class at Arevatsag school: Mariam is preparing for the final exams.


The sketchbook is one of Mariam’s inseparable items.


This is what the walls of Mariam’s bedroom look like.


The nature in Arevatsag village creates the right mood for painting.

Mariam often helps her younger brother to do his homework.


Mariam is preparing for the university entrance exams.


She always finds time for household chores.


Despite the age difference, Mariam and her brother are good friends.