Odzun: a village hanging from the clouds

9 February 2021

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

Once you overcome the winding trails taking to Odzun village of the Lori region, it seems like you are about to touch the clouds. Just gaze at the tile roof houses lying somewhere high and the endless fields of wheat, corn, and sunflowers stretching till the rim of the gorge. 

The mountains stand tall in the distance, high and bare in places. Its paths lead to the old churches and chapels of the village.

People live on agriculture and tourism in Odzun, a place considered industrial during the Soviet years. 

Take a deep breath (the air is fresh in here), and let’s ramble through the village…


“Hold on… Go…” – meet Koto (full name: Arkadia), who takes the herd to the nearby field to graze.

There you go – the best vehicle of the village.

Four-year-old Angelina helps her mother take the wood home. They should turn on the stove until her sister returns from school.

Manushak is feeding the chicken. She says some of them are for sale, and urban people are their main buyers.

The tribal rabbits of 15-year-old Hrach. In Odzun, teenagers like to keep rabbits, pigeons, and dogs.

The Basilica church (5-7 centuries) of Odzun is among the popular sightseeing places in the Lori region. Hence, the number of tourists visiting the village is high.

Grandpa Aram is the key “media person” of Odzun village. He got fame from “Լոռվա զրից” TV series (a TV show about the villages of the Lori region).

People no longer bake bread in Odzun. They mainly buy it from the local bakery.

Samvel is repairing the harvesting equipment. He says they mainly sow wheat and beans and do all the sowing of the village together with his brother.

“Look over there. They are taking a picture – we’ll be on Facebook!”

In winters, the warmth of the taste and the colors of the village is merged in fruits, dried fruits, and jams. No space is left on the table due to their abundance and variety.