Sirak Gabrielyan, the electronics guru

6 February 2023

By Knar Babayan
Photo by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

There aren’t enough drawers in his bedroom closet to fit all the wires, circuits and machine elements he’s collected. The only table in the room serves as a repair station where he gives a second life to what at first looks like useless junk.

Fourteen-year-old Sirak Gabrielyan from Dzoragyuh village (Lori region) has been fascinated with electronics since childhood.

You probably already guessed that his favorite after-school program at the SMART Center is mechanics, but that didn’t stop him from successfully completing nine other courses with great interest.

“SMART is, first and foremost, a good platform for me to meet new people and learn new things from them,” says Sirak, who is never idle.

He always finds something interesting to do. He can patiently study and test a new circuit for hours, work on improving the plane he made, draw, or set a new record for assembling a Rubik’s Cube. 


He’s flying high with a big plane. After yet another test flight, Sirak is working on improving his plane.


Sirak’s twin sisters are the biggest fans of his innovations and follow all his work in amazement.


Everyone in the big Gabrielyan family tries to help and cheer Sirak on.


Sirak creates completely new things from these seemingly useless and unrelated machine parts.


In his free time, Sirak enjoys playing chess with his only classmate.


One of Sirak’s new interests is painting. What he doesn’t finish in class, he finishes at home.


It’s Sirak’s turn to treat the family to plech (ash-roasted potatoes)․