The SMART Center’s most colorful corner

13 January 2023

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

You will be astounded by the hundreds of games and toys you see when you first visit the SMART Center’s Child Development Corner. The best part is that you can play with all of them.

Every week 140 children aged 3-6, from 10 villages of Lori province, discover and learn about the world through these games. They climb mountains, build roads, overcome their own fears and difficulties, learn how to help each other, and have lots of fun at the same time.

Upon graduating from the Child Development Program our littlest SMART citizens get their visas to the adult world, aka SMART’s root track program (for 6-18-year-olds). 


Everything starts with clean hands. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important parts of the Child Development Program.


The parents never get bored accompanying their kids. They are often involved in the preparation of various educational materials.


How do you prefer to be greeted in the morning?


At the Child Development Corner you can find a thousand and one creative and fun games. Some of them are created by our very own instructors.


Three-year-old Roman feels like a hero from The Fast and the Furious on the playmat.


Nothing beats trying out new toys and games.


Five-year-old Ani from Vahagnadzor village is the third generation of her family to attend the SMART Child Development Corner.


Parents accompany their little ones during the first four months, which helps the children adapt to the new environment more easily and gain a sense of security. The parents also build effective communication skills with their children.


It’s always nice to play with grandma, whether at home or at the Child Development Corner.


The children learn to control their bodies and movements through various games.


Uncle Yeghishe accompanies his little cousin to the Child Development Corner, who is the 3rd generation to attend from their family.