Suren Harutyunyan. Busy as a bee.

12 August 2020

By Knar Babayan,
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

-Have you seen the Grand Canyon?

-Not really!

-Get in the car, you are going to see it, – says Suren, the Agritech program Instructor at the COAF SMART Center.

Driving across the fields and mountains we were right there in 20 minutes. Here it is, the Grand Canyon of Dzoragyugh, the Dzoraget river is underneath, the mountains are right in front of you and the blossoming fields are all around you.

Suren was picking different plants, asking to mash them in the hands and then smell them. During that process he was telling about the useful properties of each plant. Did you know that 4 types of thyme grow in the mountains of Dzoragyugh?

After seeing the Grand Canyon we are rushing home, as we should get ready for the honey extraction.


The Grand Canyon of Dzoragyugh.


Suren is with his 3-month old baby boy, Avetis. The summer is the most busy time for the villagers, therefore he hasn’t much time to spend with his son now.


Suren is feeding the turkeys with his 4-year old daughter, Ismine. They are always together.


Suren, with his wife and son.


Suren is harvesting blackberries. He assures that a blackberry seed of this sort weighs around 10 grams.


Ismine is quite knowledgeable in apiculture. She is the right hand of the dad.


Unlike other beekeepers, instead of dung Suren uses wood chips in the bee smoker.


Suren is setting up the new honey extractor with his father.


Suren is preparing the honeycombs for the extraction.