Syuzanna Barseghyan is the only female judoka

07 March 2022

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

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In the evening, when the entire Barseghyan family gathers, the carpet of the living room turns into a tatami, where sister and brother try new judo tricks. The best performer is testing her strength with her father.

10-year-old Syuzanna learned about judo from TV. At the first opportunity, she and her 9-year-old brother, Ashot, registered for the COAF Judo Program.

“At first there were two girls in the group, then I was left alone,” says Syuzanna, adding that she wants to “play sports professionally and work in a bank” at the same time.

After school, she hurries to her mother’s workplace, a hairdressing salon, where she does her homework and helps her mother during her short breaks.

Syuzanna spends her weekends dancing and taking care of her younger brother.

She really wants to travel and decided to start her journey in Germany and the U.S.


Today, coach Gaspar entrusted Syuzanna with conducting the training.


Syuzanna is getting ready for judo class.


Pre-training. Syuzanna doesn’t let her brother, Ashot, “lag behind.”


Ashot and Syuzanna try a new trick.


Sister and brother love to compete, be it on the tatami or during a checkers game.


Syuzanna sometimes helps her mother at the salon.


Doing homework.