Fig heaven: Vazashen village

2 March 2021

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

Once famous for its vineyards, the grape fields of Vazashen were left across the border after the 1990s war. Nowadays, the people of Vazashen have to be satisfied by their home yards. 

Almost everything grows here, but the one fruit one can find at every step is fig. Moreover, it is harvested twice a year.  

Over the years, Vazashen has converted from being the homeland of grapes to the homeland of fig.


Artyom, 5, gets ready for the afternoon sleep. He follows his kindergarten routine even on the weekends.

Here the spirit of Soviet antiques lives on.

Alina enjoys the last months of winter until the active agricultural work begins.

Angelina, 4, has her own playground in their home yard.

The room where the hottest backgammon competitions take place. Lyova and Samvel are among the permanent players.

Meet sisters 10-year-old Sona and eight-year-old Nareh – the only female bikers of Vazashen.

Vazashen Mayor Lorik Badiryan prepares the greenhouse for spring sowing. He mainly grows beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and greens.

Due to the tropical climate of Vazashen, the fruits are sweet and flavorful, and figs are harvested twice a year here.

Narine is not a big fan of weaving. The thing is, she had to find something to keep her busy while doing homework together with his youngest son Narek. The more homework Narek has, the more socks the brothers get.

Mamikon, 6, has made the arrow himself from a hazelnut tree branch. He will grow up to become a fireman to save people.

Here all products are from villagers’ yards.

Laura Ohanyan worked as a school teacher for many years. Now, she is cultivating her backyard as “she cannot sit idle”.

Every village has its cat. Dogs are rare in Vazashen.