The autumn sun of Yeghegnut village

2 December 2022

By Knar Babayan
Photos by: Knar Babayan

3 min read

The sun has been particularly generous this year. Its warmth is still palpable in the village, through the aroma of seasonal fruits, smoke from the fireplace, burning leaves, ash-roasted potatoes, and the flavors of sweet cherry compote.

It’s autumn in Yeghegnut, the best time to distill the last fruit vodka or eat khash (Armenian dish) with relatives in the morning.

The people in this village of the Lori region are exceptionally bighearted and hospitable. What you don’t manage to eat, they will pack for you to take home.


Silva senior and Silva junior are peeling the spoiled potatoes to feed their livestock. Nothing goes to waste in the village, it’s repurposed as fodder instead.


You can consider Lusine as the founder of aesthetic farming in Yeghegnut. The vegetables she grows are pleasing to both the palate and the eye.


Silva’s fifth sister was born recently. She babysits to help her mom out.


The traditional sickle has long been replaced by the lawn mower.


Narek breeds rabbits with his brothers.


Summer’s last sunflower.


There is no village without a dog, and no house without a chicken.


Granny Venera is sorting the apples from her garden. She’ll distill vodka out of the ones that have gone bad.


Soul full of sunshine.


The sweetness and warmth of the autumn sun is encapsulated in these grapes.


The opening of the plech season (ash-roasted potatoes) is a herald of the winter solstice.