Fresno Medical Mission for rural Armenians

Fresno Medical Mission for rural Armenians 1 November 2022 By Nane Vardanyan Photos by: Knar Babayan 3 min read In October 2022, COAF hosted a group of doctors within the Fresno Medical Mission for the fifth consecutive year. About two dozen doctors, including physiotherapists, family doctors, pediatric neurologists, and ophthalmologists, were on the ground in…

Closer to the stars: STARMUS at SMART

The Starmus VI Festival of science and art was hosted for a day at the COAF SMART Center in Debet Village, Lori Province. Five speakers – world-famous scientists and Nobel Prize winners – delivered lectures about space, astrophysics and engineering to an audience of SMARTians and guests. The central theme was Mars, as the Festival was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first landing on Mars.

Marts: the village, the mountain and life in between

Following the scent of the newly sprouted grass, the herd ascends the mountain. The locals say the herd’s first stop is the closest mountain and then the farthest one.
Most inhabitants of Marts village (Lori region) go to the mountains to work every year, and some even go with their families. A pair of extra hands in the mountains is always helpful.
While the men tend to the livestock, the women collect winter supplies – seasonal herbs and berries.

Vahagni village, home of Vahagn the Dragon Slayer

Welcome to the village of Vahagni (Lori province), immersed in the high mountains and golden seas of wheat. The village is named after Vahagn Vishapakagh (Vahagn the Dragon Slayer), who was a god of fire, thunder, and war worshiped in ancient Armenia.

A monument of Vahagn Vishapakagh has been guarding the gates of the village since 1973. Surrounded by bold green mountains, Vahagn stands triumphantly on his high pedestal. He protects the village and the children running under his feet with a bold look.