Tumanyan’s “The Dog and the Cat” in Chinese

Tumanyan’s “The Dog and the Cat” in Chinese 22 July 2022 By Nane Vardanyan 3 min read Do you know an Armenian author whose literary work heroes and themes are simple villagers and their ordinary life? If you’re at least slightly familiar with Armenian literature, you have probably admired Hovhannes Tumanyan, a celebrated Armenian poet,…

Asatur Sarkisyan: a big fan of Rubik’s Cube

If you ask 17-year-old Asatur from the city of Tumanyan to describe his life in two words, he will do it in three: Rubik’s Cube, cinema, and video editing.

But his interests extend far beyond these hobbies. So far, he has managed to complete 6 SMART programs (Programming, English classes, Performing Arts, Finance, Digital Drawing, and Mechanics). He only regrets that he will no longer be able to participate in the Sound Design program.

Mariam Sargsyan: lost in art

Her day starts and ends with painting, and her favorite “motives” are birds. Mariam Sargsyan, a 17-year-old COAF beneficiary from Arevatsag village, has decided to become an artist.

Until recently, she managed to attend a Wikipedia club and Robotics in parallel to drawing, participating in COAF’s Aflatoun and English Access programs. As soon as the SMART Center opened its doors, she became one of the first students to attend.

Virtual exhibition of COAF’s young artists

Virtual exhibition of COAF’s young artists 1 June 2022 By Nane Vardanyan 3 min read June 1st is International Child Protection Day, but at COAF, every day is children’s day. To celebrate this day with the positivity and purity typical of children, we decided to virtually showcase the unique artworks of the students enrolled in…