drama therapy


 Every village child is able to reach their potential by overcoming their individual difficulties through a theatrical platform where they tell their stories & achieve catharsis

High self-esteem, social interaction, understanding & expressing emotions largely affect the general quality of life. Children often lack these qualities & abilities, due to various life circumstances. Some problems are neglected and labeled “unimportant” or “not serious”. Ignoring this at an early age may bring serious problems later in life. This type of issue is much more serious and deep among children with limited abilities. COAF observes that every third child in a classroom experiences such difficulties. COAF Drama Therapy is designed for 9-14-year old children targeting issues such as low self-esteem, fears, physical & mental disabilities, lack of social interaction, having a dysfunctional or socially vulnerable family. We provide a theatrical platform for children to express themselves & their feelings, promoting positive changes in mood, insight, and empathy. Individual and group therapy sessions are held twice a week for a group of 15-20 students in each village. Each semester is closing with a theatrical performance, students also participate in writing the scripts. Since 2012, 235 students were able to overcome different individual difficulties, gained self-awareness & confidence. They expressed themselves on various stages and had more than 50 unique performances.