psychological services


Creating a positive and supportive environment that fosters child development through preventive and corrective psychological services, as well as counselling

COAF Psychological Services focus on ensuring child and adolescent mental health, creating a positive environment for child’s development. Adolescence is a critical and formative period when children transition from childhood to adulthood. Positive environment and experience are critical for fostering this period and building a strong foundation for a healthy and productive development. COAF psychologists implement individual and group therapy sessions, counseling, psychological exercises through an individual approach tailored for every child, based on their issue, difficulty, age and other characteristics. These tools are also utilized to prevent the possible emergence of difficulties or complications of the existing ones. We also involve parents and teachers in the process through awareness raising, educational seminars and regular 1:1 meetings as necessary. In some cases, parents, too, receive psychological counseling and assistance. COAF psychologists also work with the existing school psychologists to strengthen their capacity. Together, they work with students to ensure safe use of the internet, handle pre-exam stress, prevent and solve bullying cases, and other types of violence against each other.