Child and Family Services aim at forming strong and psychologically healthy communities that can provide kids with happy childhood, comprehensive development and a happy future.


COAF social workers contribute to social changes in communities, development, networking, population’s empowerment and will-expression.

What they do:

  • Discovering community members in difficult life situations, needs assessment, interference
  • Revealing community needs and satisfying them through mediation and support
  • Organizing educational and awareness works for different community groups, need-based skills teaching (mainly related to human rights, parenting, social responsibility, domestic violence, disability)
  • Support to child protection-related governmental and public structures
  • Providing children’s involvement and participation in different institutions, support to voluntary work through mobilizing community resources.


Psychological projects aim at contributing to children’s and teenagers’ mental well-being by creating a healthy environment and involving teachers, parents and school administration.

Psychological Support

COAF psychologists conduct personal consultations and group works at each phase of a child’s life, starting from prenatal period to teen years. Problems covered by psychologists include but are not limited to the following topics: safe internet, pre-exam tests, bullying and other expressions of violence.

Happy Motherhood

The project covers the psychological aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and child-raising, with the help of seminars during which pregnant women learn to overcome their challenges and fears. They also learn parenting skills.

Psychologist in Kindergarten

COAF psychologists work with 3 groups of people – children, parents and teachers in kindergartens. Kids create fairy tales, play games, and draw, which helps them understand and better express their emotions. Parents learn about child development, possible psychological issues and problem prevention tricks. Teachers become proficient in their work with preschool children, get competent in child development issues, learn first psychological aid skills.

Support to first-graders

COAF psychologists in hand with school psychologists have developed special tests to evaluate how prepared first-graders are for school. Based on the test results, psychologists take up various preventive measures, including individual and group works, seminars, info leaflets. Throughout the year, teachers and parents have the chance to consult with our experts and learn to overcome the challenges related to first-graders.

EQ clubs

Researches have shown that our success depends on emotional intelligence 80% and only 20% depends on IQ. Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability to perceive, express, and manage emotions, to understand others’ intentions, behavior and wishes, in order to solve practical issues. COAF has launched EQ clubs for teenagers in several beneficiary villages. EQ clubs cover the following topics: self-discovery, development, forming positive self-esteem, leadership, emotion management, behavior management, time management, stress management, conflict management, critical thinking, effective communication.

Support to school psychologists

COAF psychologists have been working with school psychologists on a regular basis, equipping them with new knowledge, methods and techniques. As a result, COAF beneficiary psychologists have their yearly plan, a database of documents, tests and methods and clear vision of psychologist’s role at school.

My Theater drama therapy project

COAF psychological theater is an innovative initiative, an art therapy project that engages rural children in interactive productions to help them overcome shyness, poor self-esteem, and other issues. Rehearsing and performing are used to achieve therapeutic goals. Performance topics are selected as a result of revealing and discussing kids’ problems. Then the group works on the script, and the main actors are selected. During rehearsals, children learn more about their own abilities, become more flexible, obtain public speaking skills. They become more patient, respectful and strong. Later, two more groups were launched, greatly contributing to community inclusiveness and building mutual respect between the community members.

 Child Development Center and Corners

To contribute to early child development, COAF has launched a Child Development Center and Sunny Corners.

Child Development Center launched in Myasnikyan, Armavir region, aims at supporting preschoolers’ harmonic intellectual, social and psychological development.

During the sessions, children learn to “see”, “listen”, “express”, “respond”, “demonstrate sympathy”, “socialize”, “create” and get their first impressions about the environment, friendship, love and other phenomena. The main activities are conducted through fun and learning games.

To contribute to early child development in rural communities, Sunny Corners have been launched in several COAF-supported villages. These are special rooms in kindergarten buildings, equipped with various educational toys and teaching aids. They aim at contributing to early child development, providing preschool teachers with new skills and innovative methods, increasing parents’ pedagogical and psychological knowledge, improving relationships between parents and children.


COAF speech therapists conduct the following activities in order to support children with speech difficulties in rural communities.


Meetings, seminars and personal talks on speech development, speech difficulties and the role of speech therapist are conducted in rural communities. The activities target parents, family members, preschool and school teachers.

Identifying cases and service provision

To reveal cases of speech disorders among 3 to 10 years old children, COAF experts visit schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, conduct class observations and personal consultations. School and preschool teachers take part in the process, which helps them identify speech disorders, guiding the kids to experts. Speech therapists provide individual and group counseling.

Empowering community experts

COAF provides professional support to special education experts and speech therapists, through professional literature, class observations, seminars and discussions, as well as professional supervision. At the same time, efforts are made to empower community-based students or not experienced specialists (speech therapists and special education experts) therefore contributing to enhancement of professional capacity in communities.


The project aims at helping children overcome learning difficulties, re-integrate into the learning process. It is based on collective learning methodology that has the following characteristic features:

  • Learners have different goals. They study their own educational materials, using different means and methods, at their own pace․
  • The order of learning the various parts of the same educational content may differ for each learner.

Every day, dozens of children get after-school support at collective learning sessions, overcoming learning difficulties, becoming more motivated and increasing their academic performance. Motivated by the effectiveness of collective learning method, teachers within schoolս are trained to organize their classes in help of the method.