Accelerating enterprise landscape transformation in rural Armenia

COAF aims at accelerating the transformation of the small and medium size enterprise landscape in rural Armenia. Due to the limited growth opportunities in Armenia, small farmers have to raise products efficiently and with high quality to be able to withstand foreign competition. Westernization trends in developing countries, as well as increases in per capita income have led to increasing preferences for new value-added products, which have generated market growth. Thus, food self-sustainability, specifically, will be of the essence in the years to come in the developing countries.

COAF Business Development projects focus on diverse value-chains’ development within a village, cluster of villages or a region. Every COAF village is thoroughly assessed and evaluated, competitive advantages and investment opportunities are identified․ Accordingly, closely working with the local government and the villagers, business projects that are unique and specific to each community are designed, developed and implemented. The main components of the Business Development projects are sustainable market system development, capacity building training & long-term investments in terms of equipment and infrastructure. Specialised know-how and skills training and consulting gives the local businesses opportunities to continuously develop their product. The entrepreneurs also gain branding, marketing, sales & finance skills to properly manage and operate their businesses.