Progressive and innovative physical environment

Infrastructure development is critical for the economic growth of rural Armenia. By transforming existing village facilities to meet modern standards, COAF is providing communities with foundational resources, including: running water, heating, electricity, and broadband internet. By ensuring all infrastructure projects are technologically up-to-date, meet international standards for code, and are as eco-friendly as possible, COAF is lying the groundwork for success far into the future.
Many of COAF’s programs depend on access to safe, nurturing environments. Because of the long-term impact infrastructure can have, COAF invests in the highest quality of design, material, and workmanship, sourcing local architects and construction workers as often as possible. The right infrastructure can change lives and perspectives. For example, children who have COAF Brushodromes – sinks with running water – installed in their schools, develop the habit of washing their hands before, and brushing their teeth after, eating, improving hygiene for a lifetime. Since 2004, COAF has renovated 170+ infrastructure units, helping to alleviate poverty in 60+ rural communities. Join us, to bring progressive, innovative environments into the heart of rural Armenia.