Progressive and innovative physical environment

Infrastructure development is important for faster economic growth and alleviation of poverty in rural villages in Armenia. COAF aims to transform the existing village facilities with innovative solutions, environment upgrade and access to primary infrastructure components, such as water, heating and electricity. We envision the transformed facilities to have universal design, renewable energy and be technologically equipped. COAF Infrastructure programs build on our education, health & business development programs, as well as child and family services. Frequently being a component in these programs, infrastructure projects add up to the long-term impact of the programs by transforming the environment, creating new perspectives and mindset, boosting creativity and forming a lifestyle. To illustrate an example, children having COAF Brushodromes – sinks with water, installed in their school cafeterias, develop a lifelong habit of washing their hands before and brushing their teeth after eating, improved, clean and bright cafeterias add up to developing healthy nutritional & hygiene habits among children. Since 2004, COAF has renovated over 170 infrastructure units, including 12 schools, 20 health facilities, 3 Kindergartens, 2 community centers, 37 School Cafeterias & Brushodromes, 8 Sunny corners in kindergartens, 10 Creativity Labs, 8 COAF SMART Rooms, 21 Outdoor playgrounds and sports grounds and more.