What are COAF beneficiary communities?

COAF works solely in Armenia’s village communities. Our work has been spreading in 64 communities of 6 regions of Armenia: Armavir, Aragatsotn, Lori, Gegharkunik, Shirak, and Tavush.
COAF SMART center includes students from 25 rural and 2 urban (Vanadzor and Alaverdi) communities of the Lori region.

Can I participate in COAF School Programs?

COAF implements after-school programs in the schools of Lernagog, Dalarik, Karakert, Myasnikyan, Hatsik, Shenik, Getashen, Vanand communities of the Armavir region, and Arteni and Aragatsavan communities of the Aragatsotn region. 

The programs are open to all. Every two years, we announce the recruitment of groups with the criteria for its age, interests, and conditions of participation.

All COAF programs are free of charge.  

Is it possible to volunteer at COAF?

COAF greatly values talented and motivated individuals interested in joining our efforts at making a positive and lasting impact in rural Armenia. Fill in the application and attach your CV and cover letter expressing your interest and motivation. 

I am a COAF Alumni. Which program can I participate in?

We encourages our students to apply to higher academic institutions, to pursue education, and build a career. For the 6th year in a row “HSBC Bank Armenia” CJSC (HSBC Armenia) along with the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) have been awarding scholarships to students from regions of Armenia within the framework of the joint scholarship programme. In addition to financial support, the organisations have put together a career development package which grants students the opportunity to participate in professional internships, mentorship programs, and skills development courses. The goal of the programme is to train competitive, knowledgeable and professional candidates. 

Can I register for one of COAF SMART Center programs?

Currently COAF SMART center includes students from 25 rural and 2 urban (Vanadzor and Alaverdi) communities of the Lori region. Within the framework of the SMART Citizenship Curriculum, the announcement of the recruitment before each program cycle is announced on COAF’s website and social media pages. By carefully reading through the requirements (age, community, etc.) all matching candidates can fill in the application and enroll in the SMART Citizenship Curriculum.

How much does it cost to attend COAF SMART Center?

All COAF programs in education, health, economic development, child and family services, and the SMART Citizenship curriculum, are free of charge.

Do you have summer programs?

During summer months, our regular education programs (COAF school and SMART) stop, and instead we organize summer camps for teenagers and the young from both our beneficiary and non-beneficiary communities.

Can I lead a workshop at COAF SMART?

Within the framework of the SMART Citizenship Curriculum, COAF SMART students have the opportunity to meet interesting guest-speakers related to their field out of the scope of their programs.
SMARTConnects is a series of interactive lectures featuring successful professionals who share their achievements and formula for success to motivate the youth.

Can I visit the COAF SMART Center?

Individuals and groups are welcome to visit the COAF SMART Center by calling +374 60 70 50 70 in advance to learn about the date and time and the number of other attendees of their possible visit. 

Is COAF SMART Campus going to expand?

At the moment, the COAF SMART campus consists of the COAF SMART Center, the Visitor Center, the Concept Hotel by COAF, and the raspberry garden. The construction of the Conference Center that will launch in 2021 and the design of the sports complex are underway.

Will there be a SMART Center in our region?

The vision behind our COAF SMART initiatives is to make it a model of rural development. We are implementing a strategic plan to replicate the COAF SMART center model throughout all regions of Armenia to open horizons toward development, new knowledge, and opportunities for the population of rural communities in Armenia.

How can I (as an individual) or my organization can partner with COAF/SMART?

We are happy to cooperate with individuals and organizations that want to take development initiatives within the framework of COAF programs and interests. All you need to do is fill out an application form to contact us.

How can we book a room at Concept Hotel by COAF?

Contact Concept Hotel by COAF by writing to its Facebook and Instagram pages to receive information on room availability and bookings. 

For direct communication with the hotel staff please call  +374 60 700050.

Can COAF help me and my family to overcome our social and financial difficulties?

We do not provide individual aid or any type of financial support targeting individuals and families directly. Our goal is to increase the quality of rural populations’ life and strengthen the existing institutions. Through our community-based development programs we empower people living in villages to acquire new knowledge and skills to pursue their interests and create new opportunities.