Project-based, real-life learning
Explore, Dream, Act, Change! This is what the COAF Aflatoun program is about. It’s a project-based learning program that aims to empower rural youth through student-centered, active and project-based methods focusing on knowledge, skills and attitude development. As a result, students develop social responsibility and a sense of sustainable development, they learn about local & global issues and gain financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills and more.
Through this program, middle and high school students become self-aware by exploring their own strengths and weaknesses, learning about their rights and responsibilities, and questioning their involvement in their communities. At the same time students gain financial literacy skills in practice. During the second stage of the program, students assess their community needs and shape their dream community. Then it’s time for action. Students take action to solve a specific community issue in order to contribute to creation of their dream community. Meanwhile, they gain experience on designing and implementing community projects. The last stage of the program stands for change. Here, the students choose between entrepreneurship and employability skills to develop and utilize their skills further. Afterwards the participants input their skills and knowledge gained during the program in order to change their reality into a better one by implementing the projects they designed.
COAF has been implementing the Aflatoun program in partnership with Aflatoun International since 2014. The program has been implemented in over 24 rural communities of Armenia by reaching out more than 1100 5-18-year old students. Overall, 90 community projects have been accomplished by Aflatoun students during the 6 years of the program.