Passing the ball matters

Millions of boys and girls enjoy the fun of playing basketball in over 200 countries of the world. Playing basketball fosters the development of peer relationships, self-esteem, leadership qualities, and physical health. The main goal of the program is to provide opportunities for children of all abilities to enjoy quality basketball experiences in a friendly, caring environment and for them to become more problem-solvers , team-players  and healthy individuals. While teaching basketball, COAF utilizes a participation framework, which ensures equality of opportunity for all to play and the concept of ‘Fair Play’, promoting a healthy sporting lifestyle, instilling values such as respect, discipline, courage, honesty, modesty as well as developing skills such as strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, endurance & perseverance, teamwork.

COAF Basketball program is a 2-year after-school program designed for 3-5 graders. The instructors create a  supportive and fun environment for learning the roots of basketball, and fostering a lifetime involvement in sports. This is sequentially developed in accordance with children’s age and their mental and physical characteristics and development. The program consists of a mixture of warm up exercises, skill development training & games and teaches students the importance of health and nutrition whilst also instilling values and personal qualities. Through inter-village championships and master classes students learn to practice and master what they’ve learned.

COAF has implemented the basketball program since 2012 and since then, 210 students from 8 villages have learned the game l and tend to have healthier lifestyles and participation in sports, as well as having an increase in school performance.