I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am
Just doubt it! This is the reflex our debaters develop within COAF Debate Clubs. The program aims to promote youth participation through critical thinking, language-rich communication and public speaking, media literacy, research and negotiation skills development among rural youth. Debate Clubs provide democratic education by encouraging diversity and freedom of opinion. By asking questions and evoking contradiction, students develop curiosity and analytical thinking skills.
COAF Debate club is an after school program designed for middle and high school students for learning to analyze, question, speak up and debate. In the first stage, students practice flexibility and structure by improving their soft skills such as team work, communication, public speaking, research, media literacy skills. In the second stage, they practice their soft skills in frames of intercommunity and interregional debates between COAF Debate clubs from different regions. Debate serves as a tool for students to address actual social, political, economical and ecological issues by designing their own views on a wide variety of topics in diverse fields. As our debaters gain solid experience and confidence in expressing themselves, they engage local government into community issues discussions aiming to influence decision making processes in their communities and bring change.
Since 2009, 1750 students from 23 schools have learned how to analyze information in different perspectives and how to validate their arguments through COAF Debate Clubs. Having 5 COAF-wide debates annually helped them study different local & global issues in detail. After graduating, COAF debaters get involved in youth debate clubs and continue their active participation in social  life.