Every child is a born artist
In Armenia, art classes are limited to primary school and as secondary subjects. However, there is a gap between rural and urban communities: 68% of children in Yerevan learn art whereas 32% of children learn art in the regions. There are almost no opportunities in the villages and the only option is to go to the closest cities, which is not affordable. Thus, children in the regions are left with little opportunity to learn and practice arts.
Science shows that drawing is an essential part of a child’s development. COAF Drawing program is a 2-year class designed for 3-5 graders. Through a set of creative methodologies and tools, COAF Drawing program students uncover new perspectives, ideas, and approaches. They break out established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. With the help of drawing, students learn and practice observation, develop visual skills and practice self-expression, The program emphasizes  imagination in order to develop critical thinking, creativity, and cognitive processes that build a lifelong love of art..Along with didactic-pedagogical methods, instructors utilize project-based learning to focus on the concepts and principles of one or more subjects, involving students in research activities posing  relevant questions and problems, allowing them to work independently to build their knowledge based on projects.

Throughout 4 years, 277 students from 9 villages have learned to draw and paint, participated in different exhibitions and had their works presented in various galleries. 4 art pieces sold during an exhibition in Bremen.