Building on light bulb moments

The world is now transitioning to a technological & digital economy. Jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are increasingly driving economic growth. In Armenia, the tech sector is one of the  dominant spheres of the economy, with 4,000  vacancies (27% of the total). This makes the need for quality STEM education urgent and critical. 

Children have a natural curiosity that lends itself to science, technology, math, and engineering․ COAF Engineering is a 2-year after-school program designed for 3-5 graders where students explore, create and share, building foundational knowledge of engineering for creatively improving their communities and the world. They gain hands-on skills to turn lemons into lemonade: challenging students to think and question each step, and teaching students to design, test and redesign new products, all while growing their resilience and love for technology. It is important to open a space for thinking through complex problems, collaborate with others, communicate human-needs, and persevere through failures. They learn to:

  • develop algorithmic systems and logical thinking, 
  • nurture an engineering mindset,
  • boost creative problem solving through active inquiry skills,
  • practice data-driven solutions & visualization skills,
  • learn math & science through play,
  • master IT skills.

Through twice a week classes, end of the year projects, and study visits to innovative IT companies in Armenia, 100 students from 5 villages will have IT skills, create robots, develop systems & logical thinking, as well as engineering skill set.