COAF schools aim to have high-quality management & teachers and self-reliant student councils

COAF aims at strengthening the existing institutions in the rural areas of Armenia. Focusing on the village schools is crucial as they are one of the leading actors in the communities’ development and the central institution all children in the village are involved in. COAF works to strengthen capacity within the schools, from student councils to teachers, and school management & administrative staff.  

Strengthening the Student Councils (SC) program focuses on democratic education and student self-governance at schools, as well as the implementation of student-initiated school and community development projects. As a result, Student Councils become independent, legitimate, self-sustained representative bodies and participation platforms in the schools. 

COAF trains school teachers on specific teaching methods, to help them enable students to develop and grow their lifelong learning skills.  On average, 20% of children in every classroom there are children who fall behind, learn slower, pay less attention or have other learning difficulties as a result of different disabilities. If neglected, these children lag behind, as a result of ineffective classroom management and teaching techniques that target the group and not the individuals. Collective learning methodology training helps teachers to involve each and every student in the learning process and utilize an individual approach to reach all children in the classroom through setting learning goals with each child and enabling peer teaching. The pilot training program in 2019 proved successful and COAF expanded it to 7 new villages in 2020. 20% of the teachers from every school are now using the methodology.