Increasing economic development in the region of Lori and transforming it into a sought-after tourist destination

The Conference Center is a SMART initiative social enterprise that is designed to be self-sustaining by generating revenue and that will be reinvested into COAF’s programs in the Region. As part of our economic program, the Conference Center, currently under construction, will consist of two venues with over 100 person seating capacity, a smaller venue with 40 person seating capacity, and an additional 22 hotel rooms. With these amenities, the Conference Center hopes to become the main regional venue for local and international organizations. 

Professional development and experiential opportunities are at the core of the Conference Center. Like many of our economic programs, it sets a new standard as a learning environment for the local communities of Lori, extending the COAF SMART Center capabilities. 

The groundbreaking of the Conference Center took place on August 8, 2019. The main construction works will take place in 2020, and  with the expected opening in spring of 2021. The total budget is USD $2.5m.