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Goal: The program is designed for students to acquire the first level of learning Chinese, emphasizing speaking and listening skills, flexible vocabulary, forming critical thinking, independent and collaborative learning skills.

Methodology: Working with each individual is key to success in SMART programs and languages in particular since everyone learns at a different pace.  Thus, the activities are largely implemented through the communicative method, focusing on pairwork and group work, so as to create an immersive environment in which students are able to internalize the content and express themselves in their own simpler terms.

Topics: Throughout the three levels of the program students not only gain a good basis for communicating in Mandarin, but also get acquainted to the rich history of the Chinese nation, their arts and culture, by learning how the latter have contributed to world heritage as well.

Program Outcome: at the end of the program the students will obtain knowledge and skills equivalent to HSK1 level for Chinese learners. As a result, students will be able to express themselves in everyday context by engaging in everyday conversations, reading and listening to simple texts.