The goal of the Program is to introduce students to the financial system and relations developing both general skills, like analytical mindset as well as program-related entrepreneurial skills like saving, budgeting, etc..

Methodology: To emphasize the synergies of financial field, each class is accompanied with gamified activities implemented through pair and group work (preparing diagrams, brainstorming, card games, monopoly game, debate discussions, field-related riddles, puzzles and other): 

Topics: Throughout the program students get introduced to the financial system of RA, the history of the emergence of money and its circulation, the skills of planning and managing budgets, as well as financial relations such as savings, investment, expenditure.

Program Outcome:  At the end of the program students will be able to draft their quarterly budget, as well as plan and carry out an investment project, (such as tree planting, cleaning of school yards, installing playgrounds)։