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The goal of the Program is to develop participants’ algorithmic thinking. Without prior knowledge of programming, participants will be able to code, build and come up with front-end web solutions through different programmatic platforms and will obtain sufficient implement similar projects on their own within a given time-frame.

Methodology: The entire course is designed as a ՛learning by doing՛ experience for both age groups of the Root track. In addition, the content is gamified for 6-11 year-olds. Each phase of the programming course ends with a test project that determines the participant’s progress.

Topics of the course include: The courses are divided into three levels during which the participants study: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ages 12-18) and Basics of Coding, Scratch and Animation (ages 6-11). 

Program Outcome: At the end of the Program the participants will be able to apply their knowledge to their own projects.