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The goal of the Program is to introduce students to the fundamentals and principles of healthy lifestyle. It also aims at breaking stereotypes about sports by making regular exercising a habit for both girls and boys. The ultimate goal of the program is to introduce cutting edge technology to the fitness routine of the students to make exercising maximum efficient and exciting for them.

Methodology: The emphasis of the methodology is on building habits and determination with the help of interval training, weight and flexibility training, and, above all, continuous and determined repetition.

Topics of the course include: The program starts with introduction to body composition, effective hygiene and sports routine. Students get to study muscular endurance and strength through warm ups, flexibility and mobility training. The last and most intensive level and mastering the use of VR technology and its usage in intensity training, improving balance and coordination and immersively engaging the participant.

Program Outcome: The two main outcomes of this program are 1. Educational and 2. Health-related. While the first one will result in utilizing technology in the learning process and building habits as a strong personal trait, the second one in the form of continuous training will in its turn contribute to physical health by improving cardiovascular fitness.