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The goal of the Program is to introduce the participants to the specifics of Hatha and Exercise Yoga, to develop body strength and flexibility, to introduce relaxation and rehabilitation techniques.

The methodology։ Underlying the ESIA Ashtanga yoga of Ayengar and Pratabh Joyce.

Components: Yoga training includes exercise, core and final parts, including standing, sitting, lying, and a sequence of balance positions, pranama and meditation.

Program Outcome: By the end of the project, the participant has a sequence of yoga starters for the beginners: Tadasana / mountain position /, Vrikshasana / tree position /, Utanasana, Utkatasana / chair position, Trikonasana / shanghai / triangular position / /, Common (bow position), Sarvangasana (shoulder position), Utrasanas / camel position / Baddha Conasana / butterfly position, etc., performed by Surya Namaskar Complex, mastered breathing and relaxation techniques.