11th Annual COAF Summer Soirée:

Get In the Game


Araksya Karapetyan, FOX 10 Los Angeles

Haig Boyadjian, COAF

Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) warmly welcomes you to the 2021 COAF Summer Soirée. This year’s “Get In the Game” virtual fundraiser will be held to promote a healthy and physically active lifestyle in Armenia’s most impoverished and neglected communities.

Along with bringing quality physical education to rural regions of Armenia,  the 21st-century sports venue will serve as a social enterprise designed to boost local tourism and ensure sustainable economic development in the isolated and underserved nooks of the Lori province.

Your active and invaluable support is essential to our mission to establish a 34,000 sq. ft sports complex as part of the consistent and necessary enlargement of the existing COAF SMART Campus in Debet village (Lori province of Armenia).