11th Annual COAF Summer Soirée

Building a resilient nation: achieving new heights


Araksya Karapetyan, FOX 11 Los Angeles

Haig Boyadjian, COAF

Children of Armenia Fund warmly welcomes you to the 2021 COAF Summer Soirée.
We have embarked on building a sustainable community development model that includes:

SMART Center – informal education center of excellence

Regional Medical Center – a world-class healthcare facility with modern equipment and professional staff

Regional School – a modern school with outstanding teaching and learning resources

Conference Center – an attractive MICE venue capable of hosting events up to 150 participants

Sports Complex – a state-of-the-art facility devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles and complementing our SMART citizenship curriculum

Rural Infrastructure – enhancing quality of life for rural residents

Business Development – creating jobs and fostering rural economic growth through SME development

If we don’t act right now, Debet and hundreds of villages like it will be abandoned in just one generation. With your support, we are not going to let this happen.

COAF is on the quest to transform Debet village into our piloted SMART Village, bringing digital advancement, infrastructure improvements, and sustainable community development to the Lori region. From there, our plan is to replicate SMART Villages all over rural Armenia. 

Join us in transforming the future of thousands of Armenians! Help us become SMARTer!