The SMART Center’s most colorful corner

You will be astounded by the hundreds of games and toys you see when you first find yourself at the SMART Center’s Child Development Corner. The important thing is that you can play with all of them! Every week 140 children aged 3-6 from 10 villages of Lori province learn and discover the world through these games. They “climb mountains”, “build roads”, overcome their own fears and difficulties, help each other and have lots of fun in the process.

The happy train of Hatsik village

“Stand clear of the closing doors, please. This choo-choo train is headed for the Child Development Corner.” A line-up of little learners moves from the waiting room of the Child and Family Center in Hatsik Village to the Child Development Corner.

Seventy five kids, aged 3-6, attend the Center from the Hatsik, Myasnikyan and Khanjyan communities of Armavir province. The Center’s coordinator, Ms. Haykuhi Piloyan, tells us that the Child Development Corner is to expand with the addition of 50 more children from the communities of Noravan and Lukashin.